Colin Charles Performance Academy

What is The Colin Charles Performance Academy



Welcome to the new and exciting website for The Colin Charles Performance Academy (CCPA). 

CCPA is the inspiration of Colin Charles who has been in the performing arts industry for over 20 years.

This Academy officially opened on Saturday 2nd November 2019.

We are open to children between the ages of 11-18.

The aim of the school is to introduce children to the many areas of performing arts from street dance to singing.  The children will be taught by professionals in the profession.  

The professionals will either be currently performing in shows or choreographing.  They will have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the industry.  It will also be exciting experience for the children.

Our Purpose



The purpose of this school is to develop the students’ joy of self expression, through Dancing, Singing and Acting whilst “Releasing their inner confidence “.

The Colin Charles performance academy C.C.P.A

All comers are welcome from beginner to advance levels.  As we grow our classes will constantly be updated and extended to accommodate each level.

Our classes are more affordable than any other local performing arts school. Whilst our teachers will be experienced and successful professionals at the very top of the entertainment industry. 

The disciplines of singing, dancing and acting can impact on the students everyday life. Whilst the students will be  enjoying the fun of self expression. The classes will be stressing the importance of coordination, exercise, nutrition, study, focus, practise, dedication, self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. Helping them develop these transferable skills, which will serve them well in everyday life. 

Our Mission



The Colin Charles performance academy C.C.P.A

Has been created to give direct access of the arts to everyone no matter their age, class, gender, race or religion.


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