So It Begins

2nd November 2019


What a success Saturday was!! 


At 10am we had Hakeem teaching his exciting brand of Streetdance in which all the students commented on how they had such an unforgettable experience. 


At 11am Aaron taught his fluid style of contemporary street in which the students greatly enjoyed the change of styles and the chance to encompass more self expressions 


At 12pm we had musical theatre. Straight from performing the night before. Finally we had Samantha from famous pop group Boney M  teaching a exhilarating form of gospel. In which the students learned about harmonies and the importance to listen when singing. In that short time it was amazing to see the improvements in the singing voices 

Harvey from Britain’s got talent got a special mention for his improvement during the course of the lessons 

All the students commented on what a great time they had . The best qu of the day came from Rayan Goddard who said “ it was the most fun I have had in ages”

Street DAnce

  • Hakeem's Street Dance Class

16th November 2019

Musical Theatre Class

Look how far the kids have come in a few weeks!